Price list for accounting services

The monthly payment for accounting services is stated according to:

  • number of client’s original documents per month (invoices, bills of lading, bank transfers, cash transactions and the like),
  • degree of complicacy of deals,
  • number of employees in a company,
  • number, value and structure of fixed assets,
  • number of currencies the business operations are made in and number of bank current accounts,
  • volume of additional services required by the client.

Turnover of a company doesn’t affect the price for accounting services!
The minimum price for accounting services per month starts from 50,- EUR VAT excl.

In the table below you can calculate approximately how much shall our services cost when servicing of your company’s accounting.


Number of documents/actions to be booked Number of employees Sum for services EUR (VAT excl.)

1   -  30

1  -  2



31  - 60

1  -  5



61  - 90

1  -  5



91  -  120

5   - 10



121 - 150

10 -15



151 - 180

15 - 20



181 - 200

20 - 25



above  200

above 25

upon agreement

Hiring, drafting employment contract


Accounting services per employee:

-calculation wages, vacation, sick leave

- signing payroll and sheet


Making a business trip, a working visit


Making the act of presentation of expenses


Preparation and submission of reports (Tax institution VID and other)

from 10.-/1 units.

Overhead, invoice and the preparation other accounts

1.- - 20.-

Preparation and submission of statistical, banking, shares etc. reports (report on the receipts, the report on natural Resources)

from 10.-/1 units.

Preparation and submission of financial statements

1 the average monthly payment

Operational balance

from 50.-

Preparation of accounting methods

50.- (single payment)

Correction reports by the customer


Fixed assents, inventory, receiving and re-registered in accounting


Register VAT payer


Conclusion of the contract, EDS, obtain code EORI


Making analysis of various agreements

from 30.-

Representation in VID

from 30.-/hour

Additional services

by agreement


The rates stated aren’t final, precise value for accounting services is stated after detailed acquaintance with the documentation of a company for a period 3 months!


Accountancy services

  • Accountancy service for legal and self-employed persons
  • Tax book-keeping
  • Accountancy/financial report processing
  • Staff registration and document connected with them execution (orders, personnel lists, tables etc)
  • Report processing

Accounting organization

  • Analysis of enterprise documentation and structure
  • Specific approach in field in which enterprise works
  • Accountancy and tax system development
  • Forming of synthetic and analytical accounts
  • Development of documentation system
  • Staff politics arrangement at enterprise
  • Management of accountancy and taxes: automation of accounting
  • Rendering of accountancy services

Accountancy recommencement

  • Processing of primary documents and developing in appropriate form (report preparation)
  • Check-up of necessary registration correctness, recommencement and developing for accountancy registers
  • Check-up for correct, calculated tax payment and tax declaration development
  • Report development in accordance with the legislation of LR
  • Developed quarter and annual accountancy reports based on findings
  • Consultations on accounting further organization


  • Service offered for the owners of enterprise. It includes the expert examination of accountancy and tax book-keeping condition and evaluates efficiency of enterprise management.
  • We give recommendations for increasing its efficiency after the audit based on its results. Voluntary audit can be done in different situations.
  • The prices of audit depend on various factors – scope of work, amount of workers in enterprise and documents etc.


  • Development of accounting politics and accountancy standards

Financial reports and consultations

  • Analysis of enterprise financial activity
  • Business planning
  • Development and optimization of capital attraction schemas
  • Financial process optimization, income and assets management
  • Analysis and optimization of enterprise inner financial activity
  • Without extra payment – legal advice and translations

Our guarantee

We guarantee an individual approach to each client, high quality service. Complete confidentiality and safety of documents received from clients.

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